Jason and Bobby
Together In Heaven


When and angel goes home, the world is sad.
For it's too many smiles that won't be had.
It's laughter and sunshine and the touch of love.
That's taken from earth on the wings of a dove.

His angel gear could not be seen
But we all knew it was there.
The wings reflected in his shining eyes.
And his halo sparkled off his hair.

When an angel leaves unexpectedly.
The hurt is pain thats never been known.
And the journey's long for those left behind.
Who knew this angel wasn't yet fullgrown.

When an angel leaves the ones he loved
They feel aches that linger on.
Words from friends and others
Can't bring back this one who's gone.

But angels have a mission>
To bring happiness to all
And we can't pull wings from him
When God puts forth his mighty call.

So the earth cries tears that flood the plains
And a mother's heart will never be the same.
The emptiness is vast, we're like sheep that roam.
When God chooses to take an angel home.

But one day peace will fill our hearts
As we think of the life that played a part
In showing us that one day we will be....
Joining this angel in eternity....

by Melanie Boyes
From Casper,Wyoming
Used with Melanie's permission.

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