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Angel Of God, My Guardian dear,

To whom God's love commits me here,

Ever this day be at my side.

To light, to guard, to rule and guide.


Guardian Angel...Pure and bright

guide me day and night,

Send wisdom.....for my life and

Give me patience,.....through my strife.

There are those who believe,
so the story is told,

that at birth you receive,
your own Angel to hold.

You would come into this world,
on a wing and a prayer,

and throughout your lifetime,
she will always be there.

A Guardian Angel,
who will guide what you do,

her pure essence is love,
sent to watch over you.

-Author Unknown- ....

I believe in angels, but do you,
do you think all the stories are true?
Are there really angels up above,
who watch over us all with love?

They watch over us and guide our path,
so we donít stumble, they are our staff.
They are aware of our every deed,
including the types of things we read.

They are there in times of our every need,
they always follow our Godís lead.
Whether youíre an adult or a child,
their compassion after Christ was styled.

To attend to you both night and day,
that is why they were sent our way.
They keep us safe and bring us cheer,
and help us get through every year.

God sends us angels every day,
to protect us during our earthly stay.
Yes I believe in angels, that is true,
Iíve seen the one whoís watching you.