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Sunrise Poem

by Donna Carol

When light is shed but by the stars,
In the very darkest of the night,
The moon has behind the horizon gone,
And is hidden even the frost bit light.

Now darkness, darkness everywhere
With but a tiny beam of star twinkle,
Darkness surrounds my sorrowful soul
With only that speck of starlight sprinkle.

While dew is still upon my lips
And a sigh is a cloud upon the air
My cheeks are chilled from long shed tears.
A sudden breeze lifts straying hair.

Or was an angel passing by,
God's own helpers on earth and in sky,
Who hold you tight, dry your eyes,
Kiss your heart and soul and on they fly.

'Tis then the very tiny spot
That rose of early morning's glow
Touches my poor dark, dying soul,
And reminds me God His breath did blow,

His breath to cast away the dark.
It renews my soul and gladdens my heart.
My soul and heart rise up to greet
The glow of day and want to be a part.

When that very first ray of light
Beams out showering sunlight upon the earth,
I know the love of God within,
And peace to heart and soul gives birth.

Now angels sing of this sunrise,
And birds, bugs, waters and wind sing along.
The whole earth seems in harmony
These moments when angels sing their sunrise song.

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